What's in a Name?

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In days gone by Arabian horses were named by their owners for their color, markings, temperament, courage etc. The Prophet Mohammed's favorite mare was "Al-Awra", "The one eyed mare". It is the responsibility of the breeders of this exquisite horse to maintain the purity of the breed. They also harbour a responsibility to maintain the distinct Arabian desert names, this is as important as maintaining purity.

Glossary of Names

These names are presented to assist you in naming your special foal. We don't consider ourselves experts in this language and have taken time to get the best translations for each name listed, with the assistance from our Arabic speaking friends. Many are older Arabian horse names from Classical Arabic spoken at the time, some from colloquial Arabic used daily in Egypt at present. There are no entries for the letter C J P U X as they are not used in the Arabic language. (More Additions will be included in the coming weeks).  We have not attempted to do English to Arabic translations, as so often these translations are found to be incorrect and misleading.  

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Select the first letter of the name from the list above to jump to the appropriate section of the glossary.


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